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Cómo conectar el tubo de contracción térmica FEP

   FEP heat shrinkable tube: flame retardant, insulating layer, heat resistance, soft and ductile. It will shrink when heated (70-90 degrees). It is widely used in various electronic wiring harnesses, spot welding, insulation protection of inductors, rust prevention and corrosion resistance of metal hoses and rods.

FEP heat-shrinkable tubes are commonly found on the terminal block, which is the exposed, connected, and crossed part of cables and wires. Choose a suitable heat-shrinkable sleeve, put it on the terminal, heat it with a hot air welding torch, shrink the heat-shrinkable sleeve, and cover the connector stock. According to the application, the heater can be tightened, and it has the functions of insulation layer and safety protection.

   FEP heat-shrinkable tube connection regulations: Heat-shrinkable tube connection is generally used for steel strips with a diameter of less than 1200mm to increase PE spiral corrugated pipes (more than 1200mm can only be increased with chemical fibers) and high-pressure polyethylene heat-shrinkable sleeves are double-wound along the socket. Two clamp joints outside the layer). When connecting, it is necessary to complete the operation according to the processing technology of the heat shrinkable tube (belt). The surface of the pipe fitting at the connection position should be polished and cleaned, the surface of the pipe fitting should be treated, and then the heat shrinkable sleeve should be placed on the two pipe ends to be connected, and then carry out Heating makes the inside of the heat-shrinkable tube (tape) adhere to the surface of the pipe fitting, and after cooling, a stable tightening force is formed to meet the requirements of the pipe fitting connection. When using heat shrinkable film for connection, the two ends of the hydraulic steel pipe to be connected should be aligned, leaving no gap as much as possible. When heating the heat-shrinkable sleeve, pay attention to the temperature of the flame. It can be heated slowly from the middle of the heat-shrinkable sleeve to both sides, or gradually from one end to the other end. Clean it up so that it fits perfectly with the pipe fittings, and at the same time use hot melt to separate from the port of the heat shrinkable film.